Step 1

Facebook Login

Step 2

Facebook Token Token
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Step 3

Enter Your Access Token

Tips Before to Login This App!

  • Before Use This App Login Facebook On This Browser in Other Tab
  • Or Login with only that device which you regularly to login with facebook.
  • If the access token does not generate, use another browser. Example : Google Chrome.
  • After generating Access Token, save it to your device in notepad. so that when you want to login again, you have to just paste that on the main page. If it expires, you have to create a new one.
  • Don't Share This Access Token To other.
  • For Good Result share us your experience and any bug.


Q 1. What is Facebook User Access Token??

Ans: User access token (or access token) is used to provide access to your profile. This is something other than your Facebook password but can be used as your password and can give full access to your Facebook account. By sending a choice to upload the post, everything is going on. When you submit your token to the website, it may prefer other people on your behalf because your access token is saved on the website. If you use Auto Likes, you can see the app Android, IOS, HTC, Spotify, Nokia etc. When you submit that token to the Auto liker website, it saves your token and thus gives you access to the likes and comments on your behalf, and when thousands of people submit their tokens, then thousands of those on the website On behalf of anyone and access to comments people have access. So when you give your post ID or choose your post to get the likes, those thousands of people like your post. You will also like the post of those thousands of people and everyone will like everyone’s posts like Exchange..

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