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Instagram Limits, Rules and Restrictions for Likes, Comments, Followers

Below the current Instagram Limits, Rules and Restrictions for Likes, Comments and Followers to help promote your instagram account and bypass instagram blockings. This is data based on personal observations experiments and conducted by people who work in this field.

Instagram Rules & Limits

Contents in This Post 

1. Actions frequency Instagram restrictions
2. Breaking Insta rules
3. How to secure your Instagram account from blocking
4. What to do if your account has been blocked
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Actions frequency Instagram restrictions

  • What is instagram Likes limit – no more than one like every 28 – 36 seconds (1000 likes at a time for a period of 24 hours)
  • What is instagram Followers limit – no more than one like every 28 – 36 seconds and no more than 200 followers an hour (1000 followers at a time for a period of 24 hours)
  • What is instagram Followers + Likes limit – no more than 2000 (1000 + 1000) every 24 hours with the interval of 28 – 38 seconds.
  • What is instagram Unfollow limit – the interval of 12-22 seconds, no more than 1000 every 24 hours from unmutual and 1000 from mutual.
  • What is instagram Mentions limit – 5 nicks in a message with the interval of 350-450 seconds.
  • What is instagram Comments limit – no more than 12-14 an hour with the interval of 350 – 400 seconds, overlimit might be treated as spam.
  • What is Instagram Publishing images – you shouldn’t add too many images to a new Instagram account, the best practice is to publish no more than 2-3 images a day, and for older insta account this figure is 9-12 images.

Last Instagram limitations update: 08.11.18

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New account limits

If you are not sure that Instagram considers your account as a trusted, or if you want to protect your account from being completely blocked, then you should keep these in mind.

The interval for the first 12-20 days is 36-48 seconds;
The total limit for all types of tasks (follow-up, follow-up, choice) is 500 every 24 hours.
The best strategy for new accounts is to publish 2 or 3 images and the account needs to be organized for 2 or 3 weeks.

Breaking Instagram Rules

Your account will not be blocked by a slight misuse of these rules, but all actions will be summed up, and if a significant amount of such actions stack up in a certain period, then your page will be banned or disappointed. .

Technical block

  • Continuous change of IP address In such cases, when you log in to the account from different services which use different IPs to connect
  • Continuous change of equipment. Instagram keeps track of logging devices, and during the short time, switching between them can block your account until your conditions are explained.
  • Buying an account Buying an account from an informal seller who registers and fills hundreds of pages from an iPhone gives you the high probability of restricting this account.
  • To create accounts, you should avoid creating accounts with automated devices, scripts, serial additives and other approved devices.

Promoting key figures

  • Spam Comments This category of prohibited activities includes self-advertisement services, repeated comments, comments with business spam, for example, using the website URL and promo code.
  • # hashtag spam Instagram can freeze your posts hashtag indexing if you publish several images of one and the same set of hashtag after multiple images. You can tell that this happened when your images are being published without description or with a non-working hashtag.
  • Following the month A rigid and sharp rise in followers puts the Instagram algorithm on the guard and practically always results in blocking your account.
  • Mass likes – The situation is similar to the previous point – the rapid increase in popularity is not ignored by the algorithm and the account is closed by blocking.
  • Prohibited content –
    Photos taken by other people and people in pictures. Publishing content copied from the internet and publishing of other people’s photos is prohibited. Those who eat can be blocked at any time.
  • Document photo pages are restricted to email, social security numbers, credit cards, passport and driver’s license information, and to publish mobile numbers related to you or someone else.
  • An image in multiple pages – You should not publish another image in multiple accounts at the same time. It can restrict all accounts, even if each of them is using their own IP address;
    Brand pages If you are creating a brand page for an organization or any other corporate entity, in this case Instagram will require you to provide proof that you are entitled to such activity.

How to secure your account with blocking

Take these simple steps to protect yourself or your company from blocking the account:

1. Checking IP address to block in Instagram

Instagram is actively using spam-base to check the IP address for spam activity, one of these bases is called spamhos. If you register and promote an Instagram account with the IP address included on this basis, the possibility of automatically restricting the account increases dramatically.

2. An account binding in a smartphone

Instagram restrictions actually allow many pages to be tied to another phone number, but it is done on purpose and certainly not for your convenience. All accounts with one and only one phone number in the profile are filtered and checked extra. I firmly recommend that you bind to 1 phone number 1 account and 1 Facebook profile.

3. Secure work with Instagram

The risk of account blocking increases if different IP addresses and different devices are visible. To make our work with Instagram safe, we recommend using individual proxy IP addresses to use with more than 2 accounts per 1 IP address, and the devices used to log in to the account Try not to switch.

What do I do if I Instagram account has been blocked?

  • Your Insta account blocked, what do you do with account?
  • correct answer is this question – Nothing.

Stop activity in your account for several hours, do not publish images, do not like anyone and do not write comments. If nothing changes in 2-3 hours, then you have to wait for 1-3 days. The worst barrier can restrict you to 5 days.

If Instagram has asked you to capture or confirm your pages, then it is a reason to reach the guard and fall back.

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