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Q 1. What I fill on this Contact Form?

Ans: Good Question, In First Box "Your Name" you fill your Full Name like eg: Manish Kumar Chouhan, and In 2nd Input Box "Email address" you fill Valid Email Address , if you not fill correct then you not receive your Message/Issues reply, so please fill valid email Like eg:, and In 3rd Input Box"Mobile/Whatsapp" you fill your Vaid Whatsapp Number or your contact number, we will call you or message you via whatsapp So Fill Like eg: +91987654321, Don't Forget to fill your country code with phone number. and In 4th Input Box "Message/Issue" you will fill your Issues with full details or Fill your message Like eg: Hello, Sir Active My Account. and just Click to "Send" Button.

Q 2. How much time should you take in answering my Message/Issues?

Ans: We Receive Hug Of Message Per Day So Support Team Will Answer You In Long During The Business Days And It Can Take To More Then 2 Days For A Single Reply, But We Try To Reply You With In 1 Hour And 90% We Reply In 1 Hour. If You Need Urgent Help Then We Recommend You To Call Us We Receive With In 2 Minute And Solved Your Problem With In 5 Minutes.

Q 3. Why can't I send text (SMS) Messages to +919079115560?

Ans: haha sir i think its joke but i Explain some reason or factor due to you not able to message us

  • 1. Restart the Phone yes Restart your phone, A simple restart might do the trick. Hold down the “Power” button, then select “Restart“ Option, after Some Minutes your phone start again and now try to message us.
  • 2. Check Blocking Sometimes blocking happens accidentally. So Check to be sure that you didn’t accidentally end up on a your phone block list either with the message recipient’s carrier or on the block list of the recipient’s your phone.
  • 3. Check Contact Number Open Your “Contacts” app and ensure the phone number is Vaid. Also try the phone number with or without Country Code. I have seen it both work or not work in either configuration. Personally, We just fixed a problem texting where the Country Code was missing.

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