You also share your unique refer link to Friends and Receive $100

Referring friends is The Best way to earn hug of online money and it couldn’t be easier. Take advantage of All Auto Liker exciting referral program! Refer a Friends, Family-Members, or Co-Workers and Get Coins and Credit. Coins to you get USD/INR Money, and also your Friends earn Coins and Credit. If you love to earn money via Auto Liker, show your friends how easy it is method and you’ll both you and your friend benefit. Get paid to refer friends, you’ll earn commission on points and credit also they earn as well as a bonus.
Spreading the word is simple. You’ll get your own unique referral link which link you can share via any email or social media (Facebook/twitter/instagram), simply tell your friends how easy it is to earn money and how much you enjoy making money via this auto liker. If you have a best/normal/any blog or YouTube channel, use your referral link to refer your followers or friend. The more referrals you send our way, the more money you could make online. Refer your friends and get paid on your bank, it’s that very easy!

It's that simple and there is no Coins earn limit but we set only credit limit. you login your account via access token and check your Coins and Credit Balance.

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Q 1. How to earn money via All Auto Liker ?

It’s very simple. All you must do is log in Auto Liker via your Facebook Access token and start sharing your referral code with people Sharing Your Unique Referral code. when people Login this auto liker via your Refer link then you get Reward 10 Coins per User. here no limit you share anywhere link and if you have a blog or website then its best opportunity you create a blog post and share your referral link and many more ideas, all depend to you.
Via Social media In addition to interacting with your friends and strangers, social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Whatsapp can be used to make hug of money. All earnings from referring new users will go directly to the balance of your allautoliker account. You can choose to cash out then balance(money) when you have reached the required minimum of only $10. Or you can choose to use them to purchase VIP Panel or paying for your Followers, Likes, Comments Pro subscription. You can cash out to your any bank account, any PayPal or PayTm.

Q 2. How does the Refer Link work?

it's work via Cookies. I mean when we share our refer link to a friend or any people, then a friend or any people open the link on browser then link save a cookie on the browser when the friend or any people log in the auto liker ( then you got the reward. remember if the friend or any People clear cookie of browser then you not get reward other wise you get reward.

Q 3. Can I refer anyone or just friends? and How do I refer a friend?

Good Question. You can refer anyone and there are no limitations. first, you copy your unique referral link, open your WhatsApp and write something about this referral link or this website but write real not use any fake word and share to your friend, if you have a group then you past link on the group and request to join this auto liker. 2nd options are a text message to all friend or email to your friend. but don't use facebook for share this link.

Q 4. Wow Great, so when do I see or get the money?

You see the money soon after joining any people via your referral link. but You Will Be Able To Request A Withdrawal on bank/PayPal/PayTm As Soon As Your Balance Reaches The Minimum Required Amount Of 10 USD or 500 INR (for Indian people), after your Withdrawal request we send you money via bank/PayPal/PayTm and you receive within 2-3 day.

Q 5. What do my friends need to do so that I can get a reward via a referring link?

When your friends receive your unique referral link and click on it, they will be redirected to the page. Once they have signed up via access token and use website. you and your friend will receive your 10 Coins rewards within a second.

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